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Festival service

The basis of our services is an individual approach to our customers whose needs largely determine the extent and level of cooperation. We provide our services for organisers of music, theater and film festivals at two levels.

Lease of the Reservation Syste

Operation of the reservation and business departments remains fully under the direction of the organizer.
We provide within the lease:

  • Professional and time-proved system for the distribution of tickets
  • Full control over the distribution of tickets



We will provide the organizers with a complete service related to reservations, sale and distribution of tickets, including the operation of reservation and business department:

  • Professional and experienced business department
  • Room for the organization of events without having to deal with the sale of tickets
  • Modern channels for the distribution of tickets
  • Regular detailed information about the sale of tickets
  • Operational costs savings (those associated with the distribution of tickets)
  • Savings on commissions paid to ticketing networks
  • Option of continuous supervision and printing of VIP of tickets
  • Detailed final report and evaluation of ticket sales



Before the beginning of the festival we provide

  • Introduction of the festival into the system (the auditorium, price categories, dates etc)
  • Reservation of VIP seats and blocking of service seats
  • Announcement of the festival program
  • Setting of communication with ticketing systems

During the festival

During the advance sales and festival itself we provide

  • Administration of ticket orders
  • Adjustments of reservations, blocking of seats
  • Sale and printing of tickets
  • Printing of tickets for sponsors and V.I.P.
  • communication with the production of the festival
  • regular sale reports and financial statements
  • canceling of unsold or returned tickets
  • mailing of materials according to the needs of organizers

Festival finalization

After the festival we provide

  • Final financial statements for individual events
  • complete detailed balance sheet of the festival

Other services

  • Operation of cash register - both personal and technical
  • Management of additional vendors (ticketing networks, consignment vendors, etc.)
  • Delivery of contingent? of tickets for vendors
  • processing of reports
  • manufacture of tickets, including graphic preparations



Contact details

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.


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