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Dot matrix printing

The original type of tickets, which is supplied in two versions.
In the form of an endless strip of standard offset paper with guiding edge and limited grammage (from 80 to 120 g/m2). The length of the tickets can be adjusted between 100 - 210 mm, height is for technological reasons limited to these sizes: 2 "(5.08 cm) 3" (7.62 cm) and 4 "(10.16 cm).

In the form of separated tickets (only if this type is supported by the printer). In this case, paper of higher quality than standard offset paper can be used and dimensions of the supplied tickets are limited only by capability of the printer.

Original variant of tickets renowned not only for its appearance in the form of an endless strip of offset paper with guiding edge and low grammage, but also for its excellent reliability.

  • Cheap production
  • Easy handling
  • Low operating costs
  • Reliability of printers


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