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Colosseum Cloud

We can host your reservation system Colosseum in specialized data centre. Forget about technical issues, just focus on tickets sales.





  • excellent connectivity NIX.CZ overlap abroad SIX.SK and DE-CIX (the largest peering center in the world)
  • 3x independent Internet connectivity to fiber optic
  • redundant connection to the mains
  • redundant on-line UPS
  • redundant diesel generator and air conditioning in the configuration of 2 + 1

Backup and security

  • redundant infrastructure
  • duplicated active elements and cabels
  • duplicated iSCSI server connection to disks
  • mirrored RAID data storage
  • SPARE disks
  • SQL servers replication
  • professional redundant firewall
  • secured data centre
  • non-stop air-condition


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • automatic warnings
  • HW support within 24 hours (SLA)

Upgrade of servers

  • continuous performance increase / migration to other HW in minutes guaranteed

Contact details

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.


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Phone: (+420) 277 012 600
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